gemsnatcher for chotpot

this one is a king cobra crossed with just a regular black house cat

their gems are opals

gemsnatchers are a closed species owned by me

LOOK AT THIS BABY i am going to draw them SOO MUCH



it’s almost 5:30 in the morning here’s some simple style experimentation with my OC abel


some seemingly random gift art for misterhayden, one of my best and closest friends, and one of my favorite people in the entire world.

one of our earliest conversations was that he reminded me of the happy mask salesman from legend of zelda: majora’s mask.

so here he is as his own sort of mask salesman, complete with sweatfish, kamek, kapp’n, and salsa masks.


i’m already doing fanart for this game and it isn’t even finished yet.

some fanart of the main protagonist from my best bud MisterHayden’s upcoming RPG maker game!

who wouldn’t want to play it, you play as a ghost with a pompadour what else could you possibly require.


I haven’t drawn Inuyasha since I was 13

Nostalgia, ahoy!

what a grumpy dogface

reblogging this again because i like it

since the picture i drew of biker yesterday was a bit of a style experiment,

here is a picture of jacket/richard/whatever in my normal sketchy-ass style

i recently got into hotline miami and goddamn is it a good game!

biker is quickly becoming a favorite.

lyrics are from here

nickolas is the self-proclaimed king of halloween

here’s a thing of him because he’s like my favorite to draw

also i gave him long hair for some reason

it’s really late but i’ll post Leta’s ref here anyway

Leta is a super cute, bubbly toucan who works in inter-dimensional sciences

if you couldn’t tell, she’s a double-amputee and loves wearing runner prosthetics because she’s gotta go fast

she’s also doc b’s new main squeeze

that’s p much it! all other info is on the ref sheet.

part two of the commission set for alex!