my half of a trade with cynori!! super cute weed kitties 💖💕

i drew this at the grocery store

banana’s design changed slightly so i edited the original file

he may be small but he gives big hugs

loving you is easy 💕

i forgot to post this marker doodle of my birdsona i did a few weeks ago

apparently all i can do is sketch beefy furries lately. this one is james' oc Tank who will literally step on you, watch out he's mean as heck

i never posted this lil sketch i did for james of mona, their super cute, super strong panther lady

she’s always fun to draw no matter what

(edit: i fixed the proportions a little!)

finally finished this lil messy ref for my robo oc, aisac. he travels around with james' space cowboy, javier (i will draw them both later)

aisac is very human in the way he talks and acts, but is still often prone to glitches and malfunctions. he’s friendly, but a little absent-minded and sarcastic

wip of the new concept for my old robot oc (will finish later)

wip of the new concept for my old robot oc (will finish later)

finally finished up those pokemon sketch requests! this was really fun & challenging (i would have done more but i fell asleep haha)