decided to re-draw the first rp character i ever had. she was a big, super protective wolf momma with a moon on her forehead. i was probably around 10 years old when i made her. i used her most often on the neopets forums. good times

made this icon for my nsfw blog last night

i officially love drawing with pixels

i win

here’s a few of the pixel icon commissions i got over the past week or so!

all characters belong to their respective owners
(click on each to view the full res!)

a gift for hardestcopy because he’s been a very good friend to me during some very rough times

I’m opening 10 slots for pixel icon commissions!!


  • deatiled headshot icon: $10
  • simple full-body icon: $12-$15 (depending on complexity)

you will be provided with the original 100x100 pixel icon along with a larger 400x400 version!

discounts for matching icons can be negotiated!

i’ll draw pretty much any kind of character- just send me an ask and we’ll work out the details!

Please no NSFW commissions! these icons are SFW only!

NOTE: i work once payment is received & i only work with paypal and USD. so if you are interested- send me an ask and i’ll send you my paypal from there!

some sketches of old ocs before bed

for limeflavoredanimer, my favorite sniper

don’t worry, he’ll be ok 💕

i made a neopets sona! 🌟

he’s a very friendly plushie blumaroo who just wants to cuddle & make friends

a quick drawing of my main kinself ⭐