i made a neopets sona! 🌟

he’s a very friendly plushie blumaroo who just wants to cuddle & make friends

a quick drawing of my main kinself ⭐

shark mom says: go clean your room

for james

carcrash the monster, for james

she’s the sweetest little monster ever (unless you’re made of candy)

hey, share your snacks with me

wip for james featuring their monster oc, carcrash

i was looking through my old zacharie ask blog remembering how much fun i had so i drew him for old times’ sake

i’ve been seeing a lot of folks using those cute otherkin pixel buttons but i couldn’t find one for monkeykin so i made one for myself:

i used another button for the base but the monkey itself was done by me

i made it specifically to be a white-faced capuchin monkey but other folks can use it too if they want!

wow gosh that sure is a lot of posts

here’s a crappy doodle of dethklok to celebrate


i drew these last night at james’ while we were watching season 4