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hail to the king, baby

(pls click for full view)

made a new icon for weasyl! (the smoke won’t show up on FA since i have to convert it to a gif which is lame)

thinking about maybe opening for icon commissions also

i redrew the head/face so here’s another wip

decided to redraw this thing (from like 2009) before work

art trade with kiev!! °˖ ✧

messing around with banana’s design. watch out, he’ll fight you

(the background is transparent also)

a sparkly spy to match the scout i did

i haven’t drawn this nerd in forever so here’s a rly messy sparkly scout

a quick lil thing of pumkat's pokesona! (the background is transparent so don't forget to click it for full view!)

ooh, i don’t know what to do
about this dream and you
we’ll make this dream come true 。⋆♡