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breaker’s paint job is done! the screen is temporary at this point but i do have plexiglass i’m going to install soon. the quality of these photos is terrible but i promise he’s a much more vibrant blue in person.

here’s a bonus gif showing the movement of the head:

i finished styling my levi wig, so i slapped on a closet cosplay and snapped a few pics

apologies for my nose ring, it’s stubborn and doesn’t like to come out.

Welcome to Superjail!

here’s a quick shot of the cosplay i got from iwantmyanime from our cosplay trade!

she made this cosplay so, naturally, all credit and praise go to her!

i’ll post better pictures later!

Goodnight, listeners.

Here’s my surprise closet cosplay of Cecil Baldwin from Welcome to Night Vale.

The makeup and tattoos were really fun.


Just some pictures from the con today. We had a blasty blast! Looking forward to tomorrow.


More awesome cosplayers from day two!

the parappa is me, the kavinsky is saintmarkspony, the sniper is limeflavoredanimer, and the ishimaru is djavjr!


More misc. TnT piccies.

I’m Mephisto in these! C:

hey look! it’s me and james!


Got a photo with Chot! Better known as the catmaskmerchant, the Zacharie ask blog. Go check him out!

I NEVER SAW THIS gosh i’m horrible


Chotpot more like hothothot am I right or what.

Meeting Chot and the rest of his group was definitely the highlight of my entire Akon, and I’m so glad I got to take a photo with him!

He was such a cool guy you don’t even know, okay. He played “Somewhere Over the Rainbow” for everyone at the meetup and he rubbed the credits I made all over himself and let’s not even mention the fact that he’s a total babe. Dang.

I’m just so, so happy I had the privilege of meeting him! 

AW, you’re so sweet!! it was so great meeting you as well! i hope we can meet up again next year too!


Guess which one’s me

That’s right, the awkward lonely one standing to the far right