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a sparkly spy to match the scout i did

i haven’t drawn this nerd in forever so here’s a rly messy sparkly scout

a quick lil thing of pumkat's pokesona! (the background is transparent so don't forget to click it for full view!)

ooh, i don’t know what to do
about this dream and you
we’ll make this dream come true 。⋆♡

finally finished the animal crossing sketches, thanks to everyone who suggested characters to draw!

spacecat preparing to scratch

real quick messy thing of my current gaia avatar, wowee

art trade with kiev!! also my first time drawing a zoroark

(the background is transparent!)

a small quick ref for my pokesona. he doesn’t have a name yet, he’s just a grumpy gengar. his gf is one of james’ aggron ocs.

icon for james of their aggron mom oc!! she’ll beat up anyone who tries to come between her and her babies so watch out

(pls don’t use this unless you are james thx)

someone requested sylveon, so i decided to try pixels again!

(it’s transparent so if you wanna use it for a blog or w/e, go for it)