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catsona pen sketch

damn, i love goats. and i love this color sceme.

this one was too fun to pass up

maybe i’d be some sort of terrier?


mouse dude mspaint doodle

it’s almost 5:30 in the morning here’s some simple style experimentation with my OC abel

a little fluttershy warm up doodle

i tried to sketch it all in pen without any sort of rough draft, it was fun practice!


i was feeling kind of crappy about my art, so i decided to dig up an old sketch book from high school and re-draw some of the things i found.

and yikes! what a find! haha. at least i know how much i’ve improved since 11th grade!

i never draw myself/my fursona anymore so here’s a wip

i haven’t drawn a straight-up wolf character in a long time, here’s james' old russian wolf guy, Sergei, as practice and because i've never drawn his furry self before

edit: whoops i forgot the scar

just buffing out some headcanons.