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breaker’s paint job is done! the screen is temporary at this point but i do have plexiglass i’m going to install soon. the quality of these photos is terrible but i promise he’s a much more vibrant blue in person.

here’s a bonus gif showing the movement of the head:

quick sketch of my new sergal oc. he’s a cute lil shy dude with a big scary wife who will beat you up if you get too close to him so be careful

been throwing around the idea of my pony oc going from a unicorn to a bat pony. more like brat pony am i right

here’s a kind of nsfw full-body sketch of my incubus dude. don’t be fooled, he’s a little shit.


i pretty much have to force myself to draw so here’s a boring headshot of my oc lyric who recently got a redesign

he’s a shithead, no one should be his friend

it’s almost 5:30 in the morning here’s some simple style experimentation with my OC abel


i had to come up with a lineart example for my commission post, so here’s some lines of my kangaroo dude, scotty


the sparkliest thing i have ever drawn

i will never decide on a style for him, but that’s okay.



a quick colored sketch thing of sunshine before i go to work

i’m forcing myself to finish things to get out of this fucking art block


sorry for not being as active lately! my life is busy busy busy right now

but here’s sketch of my oc Tide, colored with hightlighters and colored pencils.

i can do traditional art kind of