james helped me take some last-minute pictures of my scout cosplay!

all the repairs are finished, so i’ll be wearing it all of saturday & probably sunday at A-kon! (i won’t be using this bat- i’ll be using a different one made of plastic)

a sparkly spy to match the scout i did

I just found the greatest picture of Colt from Tokyo in Tulsa 2012!

(Photo Credit)

omg i forgot i drew this demoman today

i love demo he’s an adorable drunk baby

a lil picture i made for james of his demoman loadout + steam name

Cosplay appreciation day:

Hearts Boxcars - Homestuck (2012)
Heavy Weapons Guy - TF2 (2012)

Colt is relatively new to the cosplay scene, but that has nothing to do with the quality of his ever amazing cosplays.

He is perfect at just about every character he picks, and he sees his cosplays out to the very end. There’s no going back for this guy once he has himself set on a cosplay.

Plus, the dude’s seven feet tall. What’s not to love about that?

The Pyro




i kind of like mann vs machine


15 Minutes of Flame by Segab

A set of swing/jazz inspired items for the Pyro: the Beatophone (a gramophone flamethrower), the Singed Singer (a jazz microphone), the Soot Suit (misc) and the Cotton Head (hat).