ARTWORK BY - [生ハム]

oh no why are these so adorable




this guy’s gallery is nothing but this

hundreds of anime drawings of characters—old characters, young characters, male characters, female characters, aliens, real people, etc etc etc—all with the exact same face, in the exact same type of shot, in almost the same pose. all leaning back and grinning, all facing right, all barely recognizable save for a couple trademark accessories. the only “improvement” he’s made to his art is going from a noseless style to a tiny quarter circle.

bonus points for anime vault boy mislabeled as “pip boy” with that photoshop filter i thought was really cool when i was 13.

i would say this is some kind of social commentary, buuuutt i don’t think it is. i think this is actually what he does and he legitimately doesn’t see any reason to do anything different adfsafddfsafdasdfdfasd. also he’s 30 years old.

also he has a 27 year old sister who draws the exact same thing. the biggest difference is that his characters face to the right while hers face to the left. yes, seriously.

all this art is pretty KAWAII if i do say so myslef ^_^

Has anybody actually offered him any critique, or…?

fucking kawaii